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Study Hacks- A Study Blog to Behold

January 23, 2010 Leave a comment

The most poignant and bloody-minded entry on the list right now is to get a ‘decent degree’. This is my Everest. Mein Kampf. The one area of life where I need as much guidance, sustenance, advice and help as I can get.

Though a little late for me now, B pointed me in the direction of Study Hacks. This is by far the most useful study blog I’ve found, and allegedly the most popular on the net, so I’m surely not lacking good company. There are a few posts that I sorely wish I’d read in my first year to avoid hours of stress and agitation with my subject. But Hey Ho. C’est la vie. Read more…


New Years in London!

January 11, 2010 Leave a comment

Apologies, but in the wake of returning to uni et al , I drew a blank when it came to passing into this brand spanking new decade in London! The original plan was to watch the world famous fireworks from the riverbank, but my impatience for the hawkish weather made this impossible. If we wanted such a deluxe view, we’d have to be willing to spend hours upon hours stood under-looking (we’re short) thousands of people, in the dark, aphotic skyline with no promise of a good view.

Sooner or later then, we decided to ramble over to Covent Garden for some greedy gluttony, and found ourselves in a cosy but packed basement restaurant for a drink and a divvied-up plate of warming carbonara, garlic bread and a chat (note; not the deep philosophical kind of chats people seem to have on New Years Eve, but a chat all the same). After a couple of hours, when 11pm rang round, we set off back toward the river in the hope that we’d reach the promised land (somewhere where we could see the fireworks).

Read more…

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