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New Years in London!

January 11, 2010 Leave a comment

Apologies, but in the wake of returning to uni et al , I drew a blank when it came to passing into this brand spanking new decade in London! The original plan was to watch the world famous fireworks from the riverbank, but my impatience for the hawkish weather made this impossible. If we wanted such a deluxe view, we’d have to be willing to spend hours upon hours stood under-looking (we’re short) thousands of people, in the dark, aphotic skyline with no promise of a good view.

Sooner or later then, we decided to ramble over to Covent Garden for some greedy gluttony, and found ourselves in a cosy but packed basement restaurant for a drink and a divvied-up plate of warming carbonara, garlic bread and a chat (note; not the deep philosophical kind of chats people seem to have on New Years Eve, but a chat all the same). After a couple of hours, when 11pm rang round, we set off back toward the river in the hope that we’d reach the promised land (somewhere where we could see the fireworks).

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Morocco Hitch: The Verdict

December 20, 2009 Leave a comment

In the end the hitchhike took us (thee of us) 21 lifts, or in timescales, one week. We traveled from London to Portsmouth, took the overnight ferry (only £19 with LD Lines!) to le Havre, and hitched Southward through Rennes, Bordeaux, San Sebastian, Vitoria, Madrid, Seville, and finally to Tarifa.<p>

I have to say something about Tarifa though, as this is a town that didn’t even appear on my map! We were on our way to Algeciras when the Spanish surfer ‘dude’ who was giving us a lift told us that he can drop us off at Tarifa, where we could catch ‘cheap ferry: Spain to Tangier’. As soon as we arrived in the town, I knew that one day I would have to go back to spend some time there.

As soon as you arrive, it feels like you’re in Spain’s own Newquay. Surfers, windsurfers and power-kiters pack the beaches (this was in April, remember!), and in the town centre, there are surf shops, ‘kite lesson’ shops, and bohemian looking bars in all directions. And what’s more, it’s hardly been touched by the Brits! Maybe next summer… Read more…

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‘This was supposed to be fun. That’s all it ever was!’

December 18, 2009 2 comments

The idea for The Burgeoning Bucket List was borne, pretty much, from this here film (The Bucket List). As IMDB says pretty succinctly, ‘Two terminally ill men escape from a cancer ward and head off on a road trip with a wish list of to-dos before they die.’

Granted I’m not terminally ill, nor am I escaping from anything other than the potential regret I might feel when I’m knocking on the sut laden doors of Lucifer’s hellish idea of a home.

I could drone on for eternity about how ‘this is our only life’, ‘we only get one shot’ and the rest of those melancholic clichés, but I’d only be repeating what’s been drilled into those of us who’ve glimpsed any one of the millions of ‘inspirational’ posts of the blogosphere out there. Better than any words I could type onto this page, and, I fear, better too than most people could,  this video (from the makers of South Park) blithely, sprightly, and buoyantly sums up exactly what this Burgeoning Bucket List is all about.

It’s my way of singing, and dancing, while the music is being played.

R, x

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