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Study Hacks- A Study Blog to Behold

The most poignant and bloody-minded entry on the list right now is to get a ‘decent degree’. This is my Everest. Mein Kampf. The one area of life where I need as much guidance, sustenance, advice and help as I can get.

Though a little late for me now, B pointed me in the direction of Study Hacks. This is by far the most useful study blog I’ve found, and allegedly the most popular on the net, so I’m surely not lacking good company. There are a few posts that I sorely wish I’d read in my first year to avoid hours of stress and agitation with my subject. But Hey Ho. C’est la vie.

Are Passions Serendipitously Discovered or Painstakingly Constructed?

How to Build a Knowledge Vault

The Danger of Deep Procrastination

Luckily, after almost three years of studying philosophy at university I’ve kind of mastered my organisational and time management troubles and woes, but procrastination has continually haunted me, and does so to this day. Thankfully, I’m getting bored of the repetitiveness and tediousness of Facebook, which has been my arch-enemy ever since first year, and email checking has been less of a problem since I bought my new G2, which enables me to check my emails as I’m walking around or sat on the bus. In turn, I’m not sat spending my days pressing ‘refresh’ over and over again, and because of this, I’ve found that over the past few months I’ve become a lot more productive and motivated.

That’s not to say I’ve mastered procrastination in any substantial sense. It’s still my major flaw. Tidying rooms, sorting through notes. Reading fiction when I should be reading for my course. But at least it’s become productive procrastination, for which I am eternally grateful. Only now, I need more links like those above. To help me fight the ever increasing temptation to drift from my work and and become productive in some area of life that simply isn’t important (like having a tidy room, or reading Tom Hodkinson).

My only problem now is that my long search for posts to help me cease procrastination has become my procrastination. God help me.

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