“A Great Moment For Democracy”: Nick Griffin on BNP’s ‘Victory’ at the European Elections

‘A great two-fingered salute to democracy’ is more how I’d word it, Nick. The weaknesses, decrepitude, spectacular arrogance of democracy shines through like the Sun out of Obama’s backside on the wave of this laughable election result.

Now thats a great moment for democracy!

Now that's a great moment for democracy!

Unfortunately, any one of you who’s a patron of democracy has to, necessarily, support this turnout. If you don’t like it, please accept my most insincere apologies, but that’s just what democracy ordered. The rule of the people, by the people, for the people. This maxim has been pushed around the world, forced upon peoples whom resisted, and heralded as The Great One; The Best of a Bad Lot (at best) for generations.

The people. The ones with the power. The vision of the general will. The publichave expressed their desire. And that’s what democracy is all about. If you don’t like the results of the ideology that’s been lifted onto that high and mighty pedestal, it’s not the results you have a right to complain about, but only thefoundations of that result. The great thundering might of democracy.

A quick flick through Pato’s Republic will illustrate that as a political ideology, democracy isn’t ‘all that’. As The Big Man says; ‘A good decision is based on knowledge and not on numbers’, but it’s exactly this quote reversed that’s one of the fundamental pillars of democracy.

E.B. White kindly shares with us that ‘Democracy is the recurrent suspicion that more than half of the people are right more than half of the time’, and this democratic idea is not just ridiculous, but fatal as well.

You’ll always get the odd person saying ‘but the BNP don’t represent me!’, but that’s entirely beside the point. If you support the democratic process, then respect the bleeding results of it. You can’t always get your own way, no matter how many silver spoons were shoveled into your mouth when you popped into this magical democratic paradise.

I’m not writing to posit a wonderful alternative nor a spectacular remedy for democracy, but the following quote from Gerry Gable, the editor of Searchlight,an anti-fascist monthly magazine, should shed some light on the obvious problem;

“This is the entirely predictable result of the social fall-out of the financial crisis. It is a particularly worrying trend.”

I’ll save the financial crisis for another day, but to say that the Election of two Far-right MEPs is a worrying trend is a statement that simply cannot be downplayed too much, and if it’s not the faltering democratic foundations we’re going to set to work on fixing (it never is), then it has to be the true foundations of whatever motivates people to make such choices, not just in their thousands, but in their hundreds of thousands.

Whether this be a mere backlash of anger toward the present government, or a real shift in public opinion needs to be established and acted upon. And quickly. Through extensive social and educational reform that ensures the public are far more likely in the future to pick their vote not from irrational desires, but from a real, educated consideration as to what is in their and societies’ genuine, realinterest. Thus, if we’re unwilling to change democracy per se, we must attack the disease that spreads through it which results in election results as embarrassing and as shameful as these.


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