The idea for The Burgeoning Bucket List was borne, pretty much, from this here film (The Bucket List). As IMDB says pretty succinctly, ‘Two terminally ill men escape from a cancer ward and head off on a road trip with a wish list of to-dos before they die.’

Granted I’m not terminally ill, nor am I escaping from anything other than the potential regret I might feel when I’m knocking on the sut laden doors of Lucifer’s hellish idea of a home.

I could drone on for eternity about how ‘this is our only life’, ‘we only get one shot’ and the rest of those melancholic clichés, but I’d only be repeating what’s been drilled into those of us who’ve glimpsed any one of the millions of ‘inspirational’ posts of the blogosphere out there. Better than any words I could type onto this page, and, I fear, better too than most people could, this video (from the makers of South Park) blithely, sprightly, and buoyantly sums up exactly what this Burgeoning Bucket List is all about.

It’s my way of singing, and dancing, while the music is being played.

Oh, I’m also going to be using this blog to upload random bits of writing and essays that I whack together (for safekeeping).

R, x

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